Thursday, May 24, 2012


After turning out a string of overly heady artist statements i finally decided to have a little bit more fun and be a lot more honest. So here it is.

Soda fired jar 2010
Urn-Tang Dynasty 8th century

My practice is centered around the potter’s wheel.  The concept of handmade ceramics and the function it serves excites me. The rhythm that is offered working within the various states of ceramics is a driving force in my life. I am married to the constant satisfaction and heart break that the material subjects me to.
Bill Evans Trio- 1959
Bob Dylan- 1975
While I make work that often references art and ceramic history, I try to let my process be the guiding force. I am influenced by Tang Dynasty ceramics and Bob Dylan. The endeavors of the Bill Evans trio are a wellspring for my composition. The concept of establishing a theme and exploring it simultaneously with three separate elements centered on that same theme informs my process.

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