Saturday, June 16, 2012


I walked into the studio this morning to find a sea of white porcelain forms waiting to be decorated.   Cups, bottles and pitchers are my canvas at the moment. Considering how involved my throwing and trimming processes are it always takes a bit of courage for me to make those first marks, setting the tone and establishing the frame work for my composition.  My forms are so loaded with information it can be overwhelming trying to apply a surface that works with and not against the sharp curves and horizontal banding that seems to be so present in my work these days.
So feeling a little stuck I decided to get a large cup of black ice coffee, go home, take out my sketch book and look at some artists whose compositions really work for me. Here’s where I’m at so far
Josh DeWeese- Platter
Untitled (Peonias series) by Cy Twombly
Ogata Kenzan- Japan, 17th century

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